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SECRETA – the secret door behind the mirror at MESA – is only revealing its magical mysteries a limited number of times a year, so make your reservation as soon as possible.

Upcoming Secreta events

Back this fall. Reservations opening soon.


Enjoy a delicious 4-course ‘Tastes of the World’ menu for €79, selected wines, mixed drinks, shots and cocktails are not included. All night there will be live beats by the MESA resident DJs.

Secret doors open
As the secret doors open, you are warmly welcomed by the Mesa Muse, setting the tone for an extraordinary evening. The ambient beats of the DJ create an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.
Culinary Discovery
The element of surprise unfolds as the menu remains hidden on the tables, encouraging everyone to embark on a culinary journey of self-discovery. Each course introduces a delightful variety of global flavors of the ‘Tastes of the World’ menu.
Tastes of the World
Indulge in a four-course journey with flavors from around the world. Each dish is paired with selected wines, mixed drinks, shots & cocktails, creating a delightful mix. The DJ adds a musical touch, making your dining experience a perfect blend of taste and melody.
Secreta party
As the dining experience comes to an end, a final touch is added with the presentation of a delicious dessert. The atmosphere undergoes a magical transformation, tables smoothly move aside, and the DJ turns on the volume, inviting guests to step onto the dance floor. The night reaches its height with an energetic celebration, blending music and crowd energy into an unforgettable, secret(a) party.
Upcoming Special Events at MESA

Stay tuned for exciting events happening at MESA.

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